Five Ways To Arrange Your Fresh Blooms From The Garden Or The Florist

Nothing brightens up a room like a bouquet of fresh flowers, greens, or blooms. Whether these come from your garden, a florist, or even a neighborhood vendor, the way that you arrange them can elevate them to become a stunning display in the home. The next time you bring home a bouquet of fresh flowers, consider the following five ways that you may choose to arrange and display them in your home:

Symmetrical bouquet

Symmetrical floral designs are arranged thoughtfully, with the same features from each vantage point of the display. For instance, you may follow a pattern of color and flower type to create a uniform look in your arrangement.

Asymmetrical arrangement

Asymmetrical floral displays are more spontaneous, not always following a pattern or featuring one dramatic feature. For example, if you follow a symmetrical design for your flowers but then stick a random tall iris in the bouquet, you are creating asymmetry.

Some other asymmetric designs might include these ideas:

  • Random mixes of flowers, in all colors or just one shade, with long and short combined, create a beautifully wild asymmetric design.
  • For an art nouveau approach to asymmetric design, fill a tall vase with fresh blooms. Combine two or more types of flowers, and finish with stalks of sprengeri fern spilling out over one side of the vase.
  • Create a fan-shaped arrangement out of long ornamental grasses. Tuck daisies, carnations, or even roses in among the grass in no particular order. The look is natural and romantic. 

Continental creation

A continental display typically clusters flowers together tightly, without the filler or greens often accompanying more-conventional floral designs. These may be grouped together in a tall, porcelain vase or clipped short to sit in a footed-bowl on the table.

Glass marbles

Chunky glass vessels can be an excellent way to make an easy, elegant display. Fill the bottom of your transparent vase with glass marbles or stones. Use the stones to stabilize single stems to arrange the blooms exactly as you want them.

Floating bowls

Everyone has heard of a rose bowl, but any flower can be beautiful when floated in a bowl. Leave around one-inch of stem intact to the head of the flower before snipping. You may need to remove some lower petals that are submerged in water routinely to prevent algae formation.

Try these different strategies with flowers in the kitchen, foyer, bedroom, and even your bathroom; a bouquet of fresh blooms gives a space a cheery, inviting look. Collect vases and vessels from area thrift stores and sales, and save containers from florists (such as Fasan Florist) for future floral projects and displays.