Make A Set Of Wind Chimes Out Of Beads And A Dried Branch

Create a set of wind chimes to hang on your porch with beads and a dried branch from your yard. The chimes can be enjoyed throughout the year and will add beauty to your home.

Use These Items

  • tree branch
  • mild detergent
  • water
  • scrub brush
  • spray varnish
  • craft wire
  • ruler
  • wire cutters
  • wooden and glass beads (different sizes and colors)
  • twine
  • scissors
  • utility knife
  • sandpaper (low grit)
  • hand sander
  • metal hooks
  • power drill
  • handsaw

Prepare The Branch

Cut a small branch from one of your trees with a handsaw. Use a utility knife to trim the edges. Sand off any rough parts of the branch with a hand sander and low grit sandpaper. Clean the branch with a small amount of detergent and a scrub brush. Rinse with water. Place the branch in a ventilated area to dry out. Once dry, spray a coat of varnish over it. The varnish will help preserve the wood so that it doesn't become damaged by moisture.

String The Beads

Cut varying lengths of wire to place on the branch. Space them out evenly and secure them to the branch by tying the ends into knots. If the wire is difficult to tie, wrap the ends of the wire around the branch and twist them until they are secure. Place beads on the end of each piece of wire. Make each piece different by using different colors and sizes. Secure the beads by twisting the end of each piece of wire. Use wire cutters to cut off any excess wire.

Hang Up The Chimes

Determine how low you would like the chimes to hang. Cut two, equal pieces of twine. Tie one piece around each end of the branch. Insert two metal hooks on the roof of your porch, lining them up with the pieces of twine. Most metal hooks can be installed easily by creating small holes with a drill and twisting them into each one. Hang the chimes on your porch by tying the ends of the twine around the metal hooks. 

Appreciate looking at the the chimes and listening to the sounds that they make each time the beads hit against each other on windy days. If the chimes are not making much noise, add additional beads to the pieces of wire until you are satisfied with how they sound. After enjoying your new chimes, make additional sets to place in other areas outside of your home. Buy your beads from providers that offer a wide variety of choices, such as Mayer Import Co Inc Imitation Stones.