Central Heating Problems: Why It Can Take Long For A House To Warm Up

Does it seem like it takes forever for your house to warm up when the central heating system turns on? Sometimes simple repairs are all that is necessary for heating problems, or you might have to get yourself a new furnace. Below, discover what kind of repairs may be needed when a central heating system does not warm a house up until it has been running for a while.

Why Does It Take Long for a Central Heater to Warm a House Up?

It may be possible that your air ducts are the reason you have to run the heater long before your house warms up. If you have never invested in getting the air ducts cleaned, there is likely a lot of dirt accumulated in them that blocks the flow of air. Droppings from rodents can also be inside of the air ducts. Dirty air ducts are usually an easy fix to bring your heater back to an efficient condition. Simply get the ducts cleaned by a professional.

A thermostat can also malfunction and cause heating problems. For instance, the needle may not move as it should and may interfere with the temperature the thermostat is set on. You may think that the thermostat is set at a high temperature, but it is not, due to a malfunctioning needle. A professional may be able to repair the needle, or you may need to replace the thermostat.

Delayed heating in a home can be the result of having an old furnace that is about to stop working. It is possible that the flame of the furnace pilot does not ignite promptly after the heater is turned on. The pilot may be rusty or dirty. A repair can be attempted to fix the problem, but replacing the furnace may be the most effective solution if it is old.

How Much Does It Cost to Replace an Old Furnace?

The price to replace your old furnace will depend on what kind you are considering. A high efficiency gas furnace is ideal if you want one that warms up your house fast. However, you should be prepared to pay as high as $12,000 or more for a high efficiency gas furnace. Think of investing in a high efficiency gas furnace as a way to save on energy costs in the long run, as you won't have to leave the heater running long to get a comfortable temperature. Contact a furnace replacement professional to get house warmed up and comfortable!