3 Reasons To Rent From An Indoor Storage Facility

Renting a mini storage unit is a great way to deal with excess clutter around your house, or to find a place to store inventory for your business. Indoor storage facilities typically consist of a large number units located in a single building, whereas an outdoor facility has all of the storage units spread across multiple buildings in fenced-in lot. Security, climate-controlled options, and easy unloading options are all great reasons to rent from an indoor storage facility.


One of the biggest benefits provided by an indoor storage facility is that it will allow you to rest easy knowing that your property is extremely safe and secure. The reason for this is that an indoor facility will limit the hours in which people can access the facility. This allows the staff at the facility to more closely monitor who enters the facility.

Another reason as to why an indoor facility is so secure is that a lot of additional security measures are put into place. In addition to having 24-hour camera surveillance, many indoor facilities will also have on-site security to patrol the facility at all times, which will make it even more difficult for someone to break in undetected.


Another reason to rent from an indoor storage facility is that most of the units in the facility are climate-controlled. This is extremely important because there are some items that do not react well to extreme shifts in temperature. For example, artwork, collectibles, and electronics can all be severely damaged in high temperature areas.

Thankfully, an indoor facility will allow you to set the temperature on a unit-by-unit basis. This will let you set the temperature to the ideal temperature for your items and then leave knowing that the temperature will not vary and put your items at risk.

Easy Unloading

Many indoor options allow you to easily unload all of your items from your vehicle and transport them to your unit. Since you cannot simply drive up to the door of your unit in an indoor facility, the facility will offer hand carts and elevator access throughout the facility to get rid of a lot of the work needed to get your items to the unit. In addition, these facilities will often have drive-in bays that will allow you to unload your items while still keeping out of the elements.

Visit your local storage facility in order to discuss the many storage solutions that they offer. Easy unloading options, increased security, and climate-control are all benefits provided by an indoor storage facility.