4 Father's Day Gift Ideas For The Constant Gardener

Every year when Father's Day approaches, you find yourself scrambling to find the perfect gift for the men in your life. The fact is, dads are not always as easy to pick for as moms, and it can be hard to find just the right gift for the occasion. If your dad is a constant gardener, whether it is flowers or otherwise, you are definitely in luck. There are several incredible gifts for dad that he will be quite happy to have as part of his garden tool collection.

Portable Wood Chipper - From sticks and limbs that fall from trees in the yard to freshly trimmed branches, chances are your gardening dad will find all kinds of uses for a portable electric wood chipper. Standing only a few feet in height and about the size of an upright vacuum, the portable wood chipper will grind right through small tree limbs and branches, leaving the user with a bag full of mulch that can be used for composting or other landscape ideas.

Wheelbarrow - It may sound like a boring gift, but a good, sturdy wheelbarrow for someone who does a lot of gardening is actually a gift that will get a lot of use. Wheelbarrows are perfect for hauling small loads of dirt, fertilizer, or gardening tools, and are small enough to fit into most garages without getting in the way. If your dad is getting older, you may want to consider a more sturdy four-wheelbarrow, with four tires instead of three.

Handheld Lawn Sweeper - With a long handle for additional reach and a small rolling basket on the end, the handheld rolling lawn sweeper looks a little odd, but is easily a favorite amongst gardeners. This tool can be rolled along the ground to pick up small debris, such as acorns and small rocks, but will not be back-breaking to use at all.

Weed Popper - It may have an unusual name, but the weed popper will quickly be any gardener's best new tool. In one swift movement, your dad will be able to pop weeds right out of the ground. This long-handled tool boasts a simple hook-and-catch end that will grab weeds by the root and pull them up with a simple twist.

Dad may be a little harder to pick for than mom, but if he is a gardener, you should have it made when it comes to gift ideas. For more information, contact Eve & Nico Crafts Home Decor or a similar company.