Got Weeds? What They Are Really Doing To Your Flower Garden

Besides looking unsightly in your flower garden, weeds are causing harm to your beautiful flowers. For this reason, you need to get rid of the weeds as soon as you start seeing them growing in your garden. Below are three things that weeds are doing to your flowers.

Stealing Moisture

Weeds need moisture to thrive just like flowers do. If they grow in your flowerbed, they steal this moisture away from your flowers. If you have flowers with shallow roots, this moisture loss can be even more detrimental to them, as these flowers require more moisture to thrive. This is because the moisture evaporates quickly from the first few inches of the soil when the sun starts shining on it.

Stealing Nutrients

The main nutrients in most fertilizers are potassium, phosphorous, and nitrogen. When applied to the soil in your flower garden, the fertilizer sinks deeper to the roots of the flowers when you receive rain, where the nutrients are needed most. If you have weeds, some of the nutrients also go to their roots. This loss of nutrients leaves the flowers weak, which means your flowers cannot fight off disease and insect infestations as well. 

Taking Up Space

Some weeds are very invasive, and they will compete with the space in your flower garden. Once they become invasive, they crowd out your plants hindering their growth.  If the weeds are harboring any insects or diseases, these transfer to the flowers when the weeds gets close to them.  Some weeds grow taller than your flowers, and you may mistake them for plants so you will not pull them. It is beneficial to understand the different types of weeds so you can spot them in your garden. Weeds grow at an alarming rate, so it does not take them very long to take over your garden.

To completely get rid of weeds you need to remove the roots when you pull them out. The best time to do this is after a good rain when the soil is damp. If you remove the roots, the weed will not grow back. Pull on the weed gently so they will not break. If you are having problems getting the weeds out, use a small hand shovel to dig them out. One of the best ways to control weeds is to mulch your flowers. Mulch keeps the sun and moisture off of the weeds, which will kill them. It is important to push the mulch a few inches aware from the base of your flower, however, so they can get the sun and moisture they need.

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