3 Ways To Upgrade Your Patio

If your patio is looking dated and lackluster, you need to give it a small upgrade. Simple things can turn your patio into a space you can really enjoy. Here are three ways you can upgrade your patio so you can love it again.

Install French doors

French doors give your outdoor patio and the interior of your living space added allure. French doors are known for their window structures within the pane, and come in many styles, including:

  • lattice styles
  • rectangular panes
  • antique finish
  • solid panes

You can choose a patio screen door in a French style you love, from old barn wood for classic charm to modern steel and bronze for a contemporary look. If French doors aren't your style, you can still upgrade your classic patio doors by installing decorative stained glass windows or ironwork in your frame for a modern appeal.

Try new paint

Many people choose to paint their patios white, gray, or red. Go all-out with color by painting your railings a lovely mustard yellow with a navy blue floor, or paint your entire patio turquoise. If you can't commit to a single bold color, paint your patio a trendy and timeless slate gray, then paint the steps or handrails something a bit more cheeky.

If painting sounds too colorful for your tastes, try letting your patio's natural woodwork shine. Simply sand and finish the current wood you have on your patio and stain it any beautiful color you want, from deep cherry hues to a light golden yellow, to make your patio look and feel inviting.

Customize your railings

Handrails can be customized to suit anyone's taste and turn a plain patio into a beautiful piece of architecture. Even basic customization, such as adding steel rails within your wooden structure, can make a huge difference. You can have intricate designs, such as flowers or grape vines, installed in your handrails for a truly unique appeal. Talk to a carpenter about the different options you have available based on your desires and budget.

Your patio is a lovely extension of your home that deserves special attention. If your patio is looking drab and uninviting, there are many ways you can upgrade it to make it new and exciting. From changing the doors to go outside to giving your patio a much-needed paint job, you can turn your patio into a part of your home you are proud of.

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