Carpet Features That Pet Owners Should Consider

Do you want carpet in your home but are worried it may not be a wise choice because you have pets? If so, you don't have to skip carpeting but you do have to be more mindful of the details when choosing a new carpet. The following are some key features to look for in a carpet if you want to make sure it can withstand your pets.

#1: It's All About Fiber

Carpets generally come in one of three fiber choices – wool, polyester, or nylon. It's generally best to avoid wool with pets because it can absorb stains. Polyester and nylon fibers are the more stain-resistant choices. Ask your carpet salesperson about the newest stain-resistant treatments available for each of these fibers to determine which is the best for your pet situation. You can even get carpets retreated periodically to help ensure they retain their stain-resisting ability.

#2: Know the Pile Types

Thickness of the carpet doesn't necessarily matter with pets. The real concern is the type of pile. Carpet comes in either cut or looped pile. Looped piles, which are popular for those flat carpets used in office spaces, are actually more prone to pet damage. This is because animal claws get caught in the loops, causing unattractive snags. Opt for a cut pile in the plushness of your choice. You may even want to choose one with a texture in the plush to further disguise stains or any future claw damage.

#3: Survey the Back Options

The main concern with any pet stain is that once it soaks into the carpet pad it is almost impossible to remove. This is why you want a carpet that is designed to keep liquid spills out of the pad. Choose a carpet with a gel or otherwise waterproof backing. While not foolproof, they will prevent most pet stains from soaking through to the padding.

#4: Learn the Design Choices

The actual design of the carpet is another way to make it more pet friendly. For example, if you are still worried about stains and damage, consider using carpet tiles instead of a regular carpet. You can remove and replace these tiles as necessary without having to replace the entire carpet. The color and pattern is another design option that matters with pets. Avoid overly light carpets, since they show stains, and overly dark carpets, since fur shows easily on these. Instead, opt for patterns of lighter and darker colored fibers. To find out more, speak with a company like National Carpet Mill Outlet.