Three Unique Ways To Use Hardwood Mulch In Your Backyard

Mulch serves many uses in landscaping, such as helping to retain moisture around your garden and flower beds, preventing the growth of weeds and adding beauty to your outdoor area. Finding unique ways to add mulch to your property can help to create a polished, well-manicured look. Here are just a few unique options for making your backyard look beautiful using mulch.

Brightly Colored Playgrounds

If you have a swing set or backyard playground, mulch can help to define the play area in your yard. Using brightly colored hardwood mulch brings a fun look to the play area. These mulches can be found in an array of colors, from bold red to sky blue. The wood composition prevents the playground area from becoming muddy in the rain, and the soft texture provides extra cushion in the event of slips and falls. Be sure to create a frame around the space you are designating for the play area to keep the mulch out of your grass. Consider painting wood beams to match the mulch color for a cohesive look in your space.

Mulch For Grass Replacement

Dry climates often make it difficult to keep your grass green and beautiful, particularly if you live in an area with watering restrictions. You can use mulch to replace your grass, creating a beautiful landscaped area that doesn't need to be watered or mowed. To tackle this project, you'll need to invest in landscaping fabric as a base, and add mulch on top of the fabric until the yard is completely covered. Once installed, the mulch will prevent grass and weeds from growing and help the ground to retain moisture. This will keep your yard from being dusty during dry weather. You can add landscaping rocks around trees and shrubs to bring a tailored look to your lawn.

Natural Walkways

Premium hardwood mulch makes a great alternative to paved walkways in your garden or yard. The mulch brings a natural look to your space and won't weather in the same way that concrete can. Instead of needing to have your concrete walkway patched or replaced, a mulch walkway simply needs to be refilled with fresh mulch from time to time. You can use pavers or natural rocks to line and define the walkway, and you can even add decorative pavers to the center of the walkway to create a flat walking surface. Talk to your landscaper about different ways to use mulch as an alternative to concrete for your sidewalks and walkways.

Hardwood mulch is a durable and versatile landscaping tool. Use these ideas as inspiration for your next landscaping project, and take advantage of the beauty of this excellent material. Contact a landscaping business, such as Mulch Masters, for more information.