A Brief Guide On How To Install An Underground Sprinkler System In Your Lawn

An automatic underground sprinkler system saves you the time and effort of having to physically move a regular sprinkler around to different spots every day to keep your lawn watered during dry spells. Underground sprinkler systems are fairly easy to install and usually won't take more than a day to complete the job. Here is a brief overview of what you need to do to install a sprinkler system underneath the surface of your lawn.

Dig Hole for Manifold

The manifold connects the main water supply to the different pipe lines running through the individual trenches. The size of the hole for the manifold will vary depending on the number of pipe connections being attached to it. The hole has to be big enough to hold the manifold itself, and to have space to connect all the trench pipe lines to it.

Dig Trenches

You need to dig trenches to place the water pipes underground. The trenches should be started at the manifold hole and work outward to make the hole and tranches one completely connected maze or pathway.

The spacing of the trenches across the lawn is determined by the coverage area of the sprinkler heads. You want get the spray of each sprinkler head to slightly overlap each other. If a sprinkler head has a coverage ratio of 36 inches, the trenches should be placed about 72 inches apart.

PVC is the most commonly used pipe material for underground sprinkler systems, so you'll want to dig the trench about a foot and a half deep. PVC piping is susceptible to getting damaged by the weight of people and rider mowers going over it if it is placed too close to the surface of the ground. A depth of a foot or more provides enough of a buffer made of dirt so the weight of people and machines shouldn't affect the pipes.

Install Pipe System

The pipes are laid into the trenches. If there aren't any pre-holes drilled into the pipes, you will have to drill holes yourself to connect the sprinkler heads to the pipes. Space the holes the same distance apart that you have made the trenches (i.e., about 74 inches in this case).

The sprinkler heads are connected to each hole in the pipes. Bury each sprinkler head so the top of the sprinkler head housing is even with the surface of the lawn. The sprinkler head will raise up a couple of inches out of the top of housing by the pressure of the water when it is turned on.

Connect the pipes to the manifold.

Connect Water Supply

A garden hose can be used to connect a faucet on the house to the intake pipe on the manifold. Turn the water on to make sure all the sprinkler heads get activated. Turn the water back off and fill the trenches and manifold hole with dirt – make sure you don't bury the connection point on the intake pipe.

Connect a sprinkler timer between the faucet and the garden hose and turn the water back on after you have set the time. The timer will open up the water supply for you at the prearranged time you have set on the timer to water your lawn. If you need help, contact a contractor, like Krupske Sprinkler Systems, to complete the installation.