Maximize Space In Your Small Kitchen With The Right Remodeling Tips

Moving into a home with a smaller kitchen can often save you money on the total purchase price, allowing you to have the funds available to remodel the kitchen. While the kitchen will be limited in square footage, you can design it carefully so that the space works better for you. For example, prioritizing which features are the most important and what kind of cooking you typically do, such as gourmet cooking or baking, can go a long way towards reaching the full potential in your kitchen.

Scale Down on Appliances and Fixtures

When you first began shopping for appliances and other fixtures to use in the kitchen, you may notice that some are quite large. This can be especially true for fridges that have two doors which swing open and farmhouse style sinks that hang over the edge of the counter. While features like these can make a statement, they can end up taking up space that you would rather use for storage or prepping space or cooking.

Taking measurements of your kitchen and shopping with these numbers in mind will help avoid the awkward situation where something looks oversized.

Keep the Kitchen Open with Lighter Colors

An easy way to give the illusion of a larger kitchen is with lighter colors. Dark colors can look bold and attention grabbing, but they can often make your kitchen feel cramped, making light colors like beige, light gray, and even white better choices.

Avoid Using Small Tile Floors

If you are set on choosing tile flooring in the kitchen due to its durability and ease of cleaning, you need to carefully consider the different kinds of tile available. Choosing tile floors with large tiles will make the kitchen appear much larger than if you were to choose a small tile.

Prioritize the Features Most Important to You

With a smaller kitchen, you may not be able to fit everything that a full size gourmet kitchen has. Features such as the kitchen island or a large oven may not fit into a smaller kitchen, making it important to prioritize what needs to be incorporated and what can go.

Consider If Any Construction Changes Should Be Made

Along with keeping the above tips in mind, you need to consider if any major construction should be done. For example, if a window does not provide any sunlight due to facing a shaded side of your home, you may want to get it removed so that you can take advantage of the wall with extra storage. Opening up walls can also help the kitchen feel more open, especially if the kitchen is next to the dining room.

As you prepare for the remodel of your kitchen, you will need to determine if a DIY job is best or professional assistance is a priority. Regardless, as long as you keep the above tips in mind, you can feel good about how the space in your kitchen is used. To learn more about kitchen remodeling, contact a company like Bryce & Doyle