How To Make The Most Of Your Storage Unit Space

Think you can't fit all of your items in a smaller self-storage unit? Think again. You need to pack your storage unit carefully to make the most of your storage space. It's almost like playing a game where you fit all of the differently sized items into the small space. It will take some careful planning, but it can be done. See below for helpful storage tips on how to make the most of your storage unit space.

Make Aisles

Sure you can just stack the boxes all the way up to the ceiling from the back of the unit to the front, but if you need something from the back, then what? You should make aisle ways throughout the unit so you can easily get to the back row or the middle of the unit. Make aisles and a clear center aisle directly through the middle of the unit. Keep your items away from the wall to allow for ventilation throughout your unit.

Store Frequently Used Items In The Front

Anything you may need or use often, place in front of the unit. Anything that you haven't used in years and probably won't be looking for anytime soon can be placed further in the back of the unit. This may actually be a good time to downsize your items. If you have anything that you haven't used in quite some time, get rid of it to help save space.

Use Plastic Lining Or Pallets

Most self-storage units are susceptible to condensation, unless you have a temperature-controlled unit (which can be costly). It is a good idea to lay a tarp or plastic sheeting down before stacking your items. You can also use pallets to keep your boxes and other items off of the concrete.

Use Uniform Boxes

Try your best to use boxes in a uniform size. This helps you pack them  into the unit more easily than if you were to have boxes of different sizes. Also be sure to place the largest and heaviest boxes on the bottom layer and stacking smaller and lighter boxes on top of those. Make sure your boxes are filled all the way up to the top, as this will help prevent your boxes from sagging or caving in.

Make Use Of Extra Space

You can store items in dresser drawers or keep shovels, rakes and other gardening tools in a garbage can -- so they are kept upright and out of the way.

Plan ahead carefully before packing up your storage unit so you can fit everything inside. Stack biggest to smallest and keep aisles between rows so you can easily find your belongings.