Get The Most Out Of Your Basement Remodel

The basement comprises a lot of real estate in your house. It could be you have an unfinished basement or one that needs remodeling. A finished basement can provide a space for entertaining, for letting the kids play or for indulging in your favorite hobbies. No matter the purpose of your basement rooms, get the most out of your remodel job.

Consider your Needs

The first step to finishing or remodeling your basement is to consider your needs. Take a good look around the main levels of your house, and evaluate what you want more of. For example, adding a guest bedroom may seem like a good idea until you realize you'd really prefer a hobby room. Dream big about your basement remodel, then scale it to your budget.

Build Plenty of Storage

No matter what you decide to do with your basement remodel, make sure to include lots of storage space. Storage solutions don't have to be utilitarian in design. For example, Better Homes and Gardens suggests having attractive cabinetry installed. You could use cabinetry or shelving to create distinct areas in an open floor plan by having them built as half-walls.

Install a Bathroom

Another important addition to your finished basement is a bathroom. No matter the activities you'll be doing in the basement, you'll want the convenience of a bathroom on the same house level. If you're converting your basement with a guest bedroom, the bathroom should feature bathing options. Otherwise, a half-bath is sufficient.

Add a Window Well

The basement doesn't naturally get a lot of light. Consider having a window well built to let in the sunlight. You can have the well built from any number of materials, such as concrete or vinyl. It's even possible to add plants to give that natural yard feel to your window well. An important design consideration is ensuring the floor of the window well doesn't actually funnel moisture into your basement – talk to your contractors about how best to angle the floor out.

Include Luxuries

Since the basement isn't the main level of the house, it may seem like a good place to cut corners. However, if you or your guests are going to spend any time in the basement, you'll appreciate a few luxuries. For example, a wet bar or snack station could prove very useful for gatherings. If you want a cozy atmosphere, consider adding a fireplace. Consider also your décor – it should be just as stylish as that in the rest of your house.

Improve your lifestyle by finishing your basement with both necessities and luxuries. Contact a local company, like Property Service Agency LLC, for help.