Tips To Use A Rain Barrel And Drip Irrigation To Supply Your Flower Garden With Water

Watering a flower garden can get expensive, especially if you have a large one. If you currently water your plants using a garden hose or a watering can, this takes up a lot of your time. Fortunately, you can use a rain barrel and a drip irrigation system to keep your plants happy and healthy. Follow the tips below and your garden will thrive without you having to spend extra money.

Setting Up a Rain Barrel

A rain barrel is a container that captures and stores rainwater. You can purchase rain barrels at garden centers or home improvement stores. The rain barrel is placed so that the water that runs out of your gutters flows into the barrel. You can use gutters from your home, a shed, garage, or any other structure that uses gutters.

Determine where you want to place your rain barrel. If it will not be sitting on concrete, you will need to dig the soil to a depth of a few inches and then place sand or gravel on the bottom to create a level, stable surface.

Before you install the rain barrel, make sure your downspouts and gutters are clean and functioning properly. You can now set up the barrel. The rain barrel you purchase should also come with instructions.

Place a debris screen over the top opening of the rain barrel to keep mosquitoes away from it. If the water sits too long, it will become stagnant, so make sure you use the rainwater within a couple of weeks.

Using the Rain Barrel with Drip Irrigation

One of the best ways to use a rain barrel is to use it with a drip irrigation system. You do need some water pressure, however, for the water to flow from the rain barrel. To do this, elevate your rain barrel approximately three or four feet above the hoses so gravity will help with the water flow. To do this, you can use concrete blocks or another type of stand.

Purchase a drip irrigation system at a garden center. This is basically a long plastic hose with perforated holes along the length of it. The hose is snaked throughout your flower garden. A spigot is attached to the rain barrel, the hose is attached to the spigot, and water runs from the spigot into the hose. Water emits slowly from the holes by drops and soaks into the ground to supply the roots of the plants with water. You lose no water from surface runoff and your flowers get water right where they need it. There are also soaker hoses that are designed to be used specifically for a rain barrels.

If you need help, contact an irrigation company to help you install your system. They can also show you other types of irrigation systems you may want to consider. Contact a business that handlesirrigation system installation services for more information.