Signs Your Vehicle's Tires Are Out Of Alignment

The longer that you own a car, the easier it is to tell when something is goes wrong. Knowing when your tires need to be re-aligned is a bit trickier. In fact, you may not even notice that your car tires are out of alignment.

Some of the warning signs of a car that needs to be aligned can easily be confused for other auto mechanical issues, such as having no power steering fluid. On the other hand, if you experience multiple issues that are usually attributed to your car tires are out of alignment, it is likely time for a car check-up.

Steering Difficulties

One of the first things to be compromised when your vehicle's tires are out of alignment is steering. When vehicle tires are perfectly aligned, your car will stay perfect straight until you turn the wheel. If you notice your car pulling in the opposite direction that you are turning your wheel in, veering, pulling or otherwise causing you steering difficulty, its alignment is probably off.

Worn Tires And Low Tire Tread

When you purchase a new set of tires for your cars mechanics generally recommend that you have your wheels aligned so that you can get the best mileage. However, all it takes is going over one big bump or hitting a large pothole, and your car's tires can go out of alignment.

Unevenly worn tires and tires that seem to be losing tread quickly usually indicate that something is amiss. Every time you purchase a new tire have your wheels aligned so that you can more out of your purchase.

Other Mechanical Issues

The signs that your car's wheels need to be aligned may be subtle but they will be hard to ignore if they all happen in conjunction. If your car's steering wheel pulls while turning, see if you notice strong vibrations within your steering wheel. Poor alignment can also cause your tires to squeak or squeal loudly, whether you are accelerating normally or not. Although having car tires that are not properly aligned is not a major mechanical issue, it can lead to other repairs and require you to have your tires replaced much sooner than expected.

Many drivers opt to have their tires rotated and balanced at the same time that they have their car's oil changed, but you can follow whatever tire-rotation schedule you need to keep your wheels aligned. Visually inspecting your tires when you go to put air in them will also help you to be aware of tire alignment issues. For more information, contact companies like Terpstra's Sales Service & Rentals.