Decorating Your First Family Dorm

Many young people find the person they want to marry while they are attending college. Tying the knot while you are still in school allows you to start your new life with your loved one, but it can also present a unique financial challenge when it comes to finding housing. Many newly married college couples choose to live in apartment-style dorms set aside specifically for families in order to conserve cash.

Making a family dorm feel more homey can be a challenge. Here are three reasons why you should consider using Bohemian floor pillows to decorate your first family dorm.

1. Bohemian floor pillows are affordable.

If you are trying to decorate your family dorm room on a limited budget, then investing in traditional furnishings might be unrealistic. Bohemian floor pillows can be arranged to resemble a couch, but will not break the bank.

Just be sure that you are looking for floor pillows made from a thick, plush pillow form to maximize your comfort level as you create your affordable floor couch.

2. Bohemian floor pillows can easily be cleaned.

Socializing with friends is something that every college student looks forward to, and your desire to host parties won't go away just because you get married. If you are hoping to have some of your friends and your spouse's friends over for dinner and drinks, there is the potential for spills to occur.

Cleaning up spills on traditional furnishings can require you to pay to rent an upholstery cleaner in order to remove all traces of the spill before it can stain. Bohemian floor pillows eliminate this potential cost. All you need to do to clean a spill from your floor pillows is remove the covers and toss them into the washer.

3. Bohemian floor pillows can easily be moved and stored.

College can be a time of transitions for many students, and this is true for married students as well. If you and your spouse plan to move in with parents during summer breaks to conserve cash, you won't want to decorate your family dorm room with furnishings that will be difficult to move and store.

Bohemian floor pillows require minimal effort to load into a car or trailer, and they can be stored in a closet during the summer to save space until they are needed when you move into your new family dorm the next semester.

Finding ways to personalize your family dorm can help you create a home for you and your spouse. Invest in Bohemian floor pillows to enjoy affordable, convenient, and lightweight furnishings for your living space. For more information, contact local professionals like Tara Design.