Grandparent Moving in and Designing Their Bathroom? 4 Tips to Set It up Correctly

If you have a grandparent that is moving in with you and you need to make some changes to your bathroom, below are some tips to help you get started. These tips will not only help make the bathroom more comfortable for them but also safer.

Frameless Shower Doors

Frameless shower doors are beautiful and add value to your home. If you have a large shower area it will be easier for your grandparent to use the shower. This is because they can simply open the door and step in. You could easily put a shower chair in the shower, if needed. Add some non-slip bath mats to the floor of the shower.

Shower doors are made with thick, tempered glass so if the doors are shattered they will break into small pieces instead of large shards of glass. You can choose from tinted, clear, or acid-etched glass patterns.

Because these shower doors have no frame, they are much easier to clean. Add some lighting in the interior shower area to make the shower look more elegant, as well as to offer your grandparent extra light while they are showering. Talk to a company like AGM Glass Design about installing a frameless door on your shower.

Sprayer Attachment for Shower

Add a sprayer attachment to the shower head that your grandparent can detach and hold in their hand. This will make bathing easier for them. If they have a shower chair, they will not have to stand while they are taking a shower.

Lever Faucets

To keep your grandparent from having to twist and turn the faucets, install lever faucets. This is much easier for them to turn off and on, especially if they have arthritis in their hands. You can find lever faucets in many different styles. There are also lever faucets that your grandparent can operate with their foot. It is easy to install these faucets, but, if you are not comfortable doing it on your own, contact a plumber to install them for you.

Toilet Height

Raising the height of your toilet will make it easier for your grandparent to sit down and stand back up. Raising it only a few inches will be a big help. There are many ways you can raise the toilet. One way is to raise the existing toilet by using a thick toilet seat. If it is in your budget, replace the toilet with a higher toilet, often called a "comfort height" toilet.