How A Gutter Repair Service Gets Your Gutters Back In Shape So Your Home Is Protected From Water Damage

If your gutters have been neglected and they're showing signs of wear and damage, you may think you have to replace them. If you don't have the budget for new gutters, then consider calling a gutter repair service for help. They may be able to get your gutters back in good shape to provide several more years of service. Here are some things a gutter repair service might do to fix your gutters and downspout.

Reconnect Or Tighten A Downspout

Downspout problems are fairly common, but they need to be repaired since the downspout is what routes water away from your house. If your downspout has separated from the gutters or has an elbow that's loose, a gutter repair service can fix those problems easily.

They can reattach the downspout and tighten the parts so rain doesn't leak out. They can also attach the pipe to the side of your house so it doesn't move in the wind and cause parts to get loose in the future.

Fix Rusted Areas

Steel gutters are popular, but they have the risk of developing rust. If your gutters are rusty, it might be possible to save them as long as there aren't large rusty areas all over the troughs and downspout.

Rust can be scraped off with a wire brush, and then the bare metal can be covered with a rust inhibitor. After that, the area is painted so it blends in with the rest of the metal. If rust caused a small hole to develop, the repair person might patch the area with a small metal patch attached with roofing cement or other adhesive.

Seal Leaky Seams

If your gutters are leaking around the seams, the problem is probably bad adhesive rather than a hole. The gutter repair person can fix this problem by cleaning around the seam and then applying a new sealant that holds the gutter sections together and keeps rain from leaking out.

Adjust Sagging Areas

The repair person may walk around your house and look at the slope of the gutters while checking for loose or missing hangers. It's important for the gutters to have the right slope so rain rolls to the downspout. If a hanger falls out, a trough can begin to sag and hold water. This problem can be fixed by replacing or tightening hangers and then verifying the trough has the proper slope so it drains by gravity.

While making repairs to your gutters, proper functioning of the gutters is checked to make sure problems aren't overlooked. The repair person checks that the gutters and downspout are held firmly against the house, that the troughs drain easily, and that the downspout moves water away from your foundation. Once your gutters are back to operating in this way, you can wait to replace them until you're ready.

Contact a gutter repair service for more information.