Ideas For Using A Canvas Canopy To Make Shade In Your Yard

If your backyard is in full sun all day, you may be looking for ways to add some shade. A canvas canopy might be ideal. These come in different sizes, and they are installed in different ways, so you can find a canopy for just about any purpose. Here are some ideas for using a canopy in your backyard and why canvas is a good material to choose.

Attach A Canopy To Your Home

Whether you have a patio or not, you can attach a canopy to the back of your house so you can enjoy sitting outdoors while being close to your home and the door. You have a lot of options with one of these canopies when it comes to the way they operate.

You might want a canopy you open and close with a hand crank. You can also have one installed that operates with a remote control. You can take this type of canopy down for the winter or leave it up permanently. A benefit of having a canopy close to your house is that it also provides shade for windows, so your home might stay a little cooler too.

Fit A Canopy Over A Frame

Another way to use a canopy is to buy one that comes with a frame. You can create a small shade area similar to a tent without walls, or you could buy a large frame and canopy that provides plenty of room for picnic tables and lounge chairs for outdoor dining. You can place the frame anywhere in your yard since it supports itself.

You might want to put the canopy near your garden so you can cool off while you're working. You can use a large canopy for an outdoor workshop or even to park your car. You can leave the canopy up all the time or just put it up when you're having a picnic and keep it in storage when it's not in use.

Hang A Canopy From A Tree Or Structure

Another way to get shade anywhere you want it is to buy the canopy and hang it on anything tall and stable you can find. You might hang one side on trees and another on the side of your garage. You can buy canvas canopies in square, triangular, or rectangular shapes of different sizes.

These canopies have grommets or other attachments so you can fasten ropes to the sides for easy hanging. You could use one of these to create shade for your pool or as a unique way to create shade over your patio.

No matter what kind of canvas canopy you buy, you will enjoy shade and protection from the rain wherever you need it. Canvas is a good material for a canopy because when canvas is made for outdoor use, it's made to be water-repellent. Some are also made to resist mildew and fading. Plus, canvas canopies come in different colors, and some have stripes or other designs, so one of these canopies would be an attractive addition to your yard.

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