Questions And Answers About Modern Wood-Burning Stoves

If you live in a very cold climate, a good-quality wood-burning stove is a pleasant addition to your home. Real wood-burning stoves offer many heating advantages over heaters or faux wood-burning appliances. Modern technology has improved to make them safer and easier to use than their older counterparts. Here are some questions and answers about wood-burning stoves and how they may work for your home.

What Is New With Wood-Burning Stoves?

Most modern wood-burning stoves have added safety and efficiency measures in their design. Some brands have a thermostat to ensure even heating over a long period. Your modern stove may also burn more efficiently with less ash and smoke than older models. This makes them easier to clean and use.

Are Wood-Burning Stoves Eco-Friendly?

Real wood-burning stoves and fireplaces are more eco-friendly compared to older furnace systems. Wood is a renewable resource and can be bought near your home, reducing transportation costs and emissions. Modern stoves need a lot less wood than in the past. Some new models also have a catalyst to help trap harmful emissions before they enter the atmosphere. Catalysts also help recycle gasses for longer, more even heating on less wood.

Can You Cook on a Wood-Burning Stove?

The primary functions of most modern wood-burning stoves are heating and ambiance. Cooking on or in them could be unsafe and is not recommended. However, some models may have accessories that allow for stove-top use. If you are dead-set on using your stove as a cook-top, be sure to do your research. Read the sales manual of the models you are interested in and contact the manufacturer if you have questions.

Do You Need Special Vents for a Wood-Burning Stove?

Unlike electric heaters and faux wood stoves, you will need an exhaust port for your wood-burning stove. What type and size you need depends on the model you are considering. If you already have an exhaust pipe, then have a professional modify it based on your desired model. You may need upgrades or additions for certain models. If you don't have an existing exhaust or chimney, you will need to make room for one. Contact a professional pipe or chimney installer to see what options are feasible for your home.

In addition to efficiency and reliability, wood-burning stoves provide a comforting ambiance. Unlike faux wood-burning stoves, you get all the natural smells and sounds of older models. However, you also get the benefits of modern design and technology. If you are interested in buying a wood-burning stove or fireplace, contact a major brand wood-burning stove retailer for model and installation information. They may be able to provide options such as Blaze King fireplaces