Have A Pool Enclosure Screen That's Damaged? Know How To Fix It

Do you have an outdoor pool with a screen enclosure to keep away all of the bugs? If so, you may end up with damaged screens over the years that need to be repaired. Here is how you can repair this screen on your own.

Measure And Buy The New Screen Material

Take measurements of the section of screen material you want to replace. You'll want to buy screen material that is wide enough to extend over the screen in a single piece, so be sure to measure the width and height of the screen. When buying new screen material, the width should be larger than the width of the screen by at least an inch, giving you a half-inch of extra material to trim off later. 

Remove The Damaged Screen

The next step is going to be to remove the old screen that is damaged. You'll notice that there is a rubber piece called "the spline" that is in a groove that surrounds the entire screen. This spline will need to be removed so that you can pull out the screen. While you can try to save the spine for when you put in the new screen, you can also buy some new spline if it is in bad shape. Try using pliers to pull out the spline in a continuous piece if you want to try and save it.

Cut The New Screen Material To Size

There are a couple of ways that you can cut the new screen material. Either roll out the screen and take an exact measurement, or hold the material over the screen and cut it with the material roughly in place. The latter technique is more wasteful by using more screen material than necessary, but it will get the job done.

Insert The Spline And Trim

While holding the screen over the opening, start by inserting the spline into the groove that holds the screen to the frame. You'll want to use a spline roller that will help insert the spline easily into the groove quickly. Once you have gone around the entire frame, there is going to be extra screen material that needs to be trimmed. You can use a razor blade to carefully trim the screen close to the outside portion of the spline. The end result will be a new screen that looks great.

Have a lot of screens to repair? Consider bringing in a pool enclosure screen repair company.