5 Tips For Plant Shopping

A visit to the plant nursery to add some colorful flowers or new foliage to your home or landscaping is an enjoyable excursion. There are a few things to know to ensure that you pick out the perfect plants at the nursery.

1. Make a Plan

Choosing the perfect plants begins before you even arrive at the plant nursery. Have a general plan for what to look for when you arrive. This can be as simple as mapping out the yard so you have an idea of the sun exposure for the areas where you want to add the plants, or it can be a more detailed plan that includes bloom color and plant height. For houseplants, you at least need to know the amount of sun available in the room where you plan to place the plant. 

2. Look at Tags

Don't be tempted solely by the beauty of a plant. Always check the tag to see the cultural needs and basic care requirements. You don't want to bring home a plant that needs full sunlight, for example, if you only have a shady area in which to plant it.

3. Grab a Cart

It may be tempting to skip the odd flat carts that most nurseries provide for shopping ease as they can seem large and hard to maneuver. This is a mistake, even if you are planning on only grabbing a couple of plants. Plant pots will get heavy quickly if you are trying to carry them around, thanks to the soil in the containers. A cart also allows you to move the plants to checkout and your car, while still providing them plenty of room so they don't knock together.

4. Check the Roots

Healthy roots are a must if you want your new plant to thrive. It's a good idea to slide a plant out of the pot slightly to check the roots before purchasing—nursery staff members are often more than happy to help you with a root inspection. Healthy roots won't be in a dense mat and there will be visible soil. Healthy roots will also be firm and not slimy, soft, or mushy. 

5. Skip the Blooms

It can be tempting to pick up a plant that is already in full bloom, but this would be a major mistake. All plants suffer a bit of shock when they are first transplanted into the garden, which will result in all those gorgeous blooms wilting within a day or two. Instead, pick out a plant that is covered in unopened buds. The buds will be delayed by the shock, but your new plant will soon be in full bloom once it adjusts to its new home. 

Visit a local plant nursery, such as Mill Creek Gardens, LLC, to find the perfect flower and foliage additions for your home.