Why Gutter Guards Are So Important In Colder Climates

There are many reasons why gutter guards are generally useful in any geographic location. They prevent the buildup of organic waste such as leaves, sticks, and twigs in your gutters, which therefore allows the free movement of water as intended, and that, in turn, saves you repair and cleaning costs. However, if you live in colder climates, gutter guards can hold additional advantages during the winter months that you may not be as familiar with. If you don't have gutter guards and aren't sure it is worth your time to get them during the colder months, then here are a few reasons that might change your mind.

Ice Build Ups

In the same way that organic material can cause a natural dam in your gutters during summer, ice can cause a dam during winter. When rain falls on your roof, it can dislodge ice that has built up there, and this will cause the ice to slide towards the gutters. If it falls all in one piece, then it will be far easier to stick to the sides and cause the water to freeze. Gutter guards prevent ice from falling through in large chunks and make them much smaller and more manageable for your drainage.

Prevent Nesting

It is not uncommon for birds to try and create nests in gutters for a few reasons. It is, after all, a nice, secluded area that is covered on two sides already. Generally, there are also quite a few branches and small material around that they can create a perfectly good nest out of. In winter, this can be a problem because any water that drains into your gutter needs to immediately come through, or it will freeze and expand and can cause your gutter to break in time. Nests can cause this buildup of water should it rain, which can have an unfortunate domino effect.

Reduce Maintenance

During summer, it is quite easy and sometimes even fun to get up and clean out the gutter in the nice afternoon breeze. That is not the case during winter. It is cold, often there are freezing winds whipping around your face, and the area you place your ladder on can be very slippery due to ice. You do not want to have to be clearing out any gutters, or in fact working at high altitudes at all, during winter, and gutter guards help eliminate this problem.