3 Types Of Less-Expensive Drinking Water Systems

If the water from your tap does not taste the best, or if you are worried it is not safe to drink, then you might want to install a drinking water system in your home. However, whole-house filters and RO filters can be pricey and cost-prohibitive for many people. If you need a more affordable option, here are a few to consider.

Filter Pitchers

If you do not want to do any sort of work or installation, then simply buy a filter pitcher at the store. These pitchers are quite affordable, and you can choose from a range of brands and models. Just keep the pitcher in your fridge, and fill it up every day to have fresh, filtered water at the ready. Filters for filter pitchers are pretty affordable at a few dollars each, but you do have to remember to change them on a regular schedule. The only real downside to filter pitchers is the fact that they only hold a limited amount of water. If you want to filter water to boil pasta or use in some other high-volume manner, things can get cumbersome.

Faucet-Mounted Filters

If you want to have a larger volume of filtered water on-demand, then installing a faucet-mounted filter system may be right for you. These filters just attach to one faucet. They're pretty easy to install, as they come with instructions and only require basic tools, like a screwdriver and a wrench. With a faucet-mounted filter, you can switch between dispensing filtered and unfiltered water as needed. The water tends to come out rather slowly when the filter is activated, but this is still a more convenient option for large volumes.

Under-Sink Filters

If you don't mind having a plumber do a little work on your home, an under-sink filter might be a wise addition to your home. An under-sink filter is mounted under the sink. A separate plumbing line is fed to it. Your plumber also adds an additional dispenser or tap to your sink setup. All of the water that comes through this tap is filtered. You retain your other, non-filtered tap for other uses. Having an under-sink filter installed does cost a little more than the other options presented here, but it's still more affordable than having a whole-home system installed.

Explore these options, and decide which type of drinking water system is right for your home. Your plumber might have some more insight, too. Contact a company like Oxley Softwater Co if you would like more information.