4 Practical Benefits of Double-Hung or Sash Windows

Double sash windows can match homes of different styles thanks to their classic traditional look. These windows feature two sashes in one frame, and you can open them by moving them up and down. Also, some of the designs tilt upwards when opening making them a great installation if you have limited space. Here are four practical benefits of double-hung windows.

1. Reliable Ventilation

Double-sash windows can offer adequate ventilation to your indoor space. This way, you can say goodbye to stuffy indoor spaces as they can let in plenty of air when you open them. Ideally, fresh air can enter your residence through the bottom sash, while stale and warm air leaves you indoors via the top sash. The result is improved indoor air quality, which is hard to achieve with other window types. More so, if you need minimal ventilation, you only have to open the top sash, a feature that is highly beneficial when it's extra windy outside.

2. Aesthetically Pleasing

If you need improved aesthetic appeal, double-hung windows can offer this perk. What's more, is that experts can customize these windows to suit your home design. This will make it easier to pick from the diverse tones, sizes, styles, and finishes to enhance your home. The best part is that these windows can adapt aesthetically to create contemporary or traditional appearances. That said, a window installation professional will need to check your indoors to determine the right double-hung windows for you.

3. Safe Operation

With double-hung windows, you can be sure of a secure operation. This is because you don't have to worry about cranking them out and causing accidents. These windows have an easy operation that opens up and down or tilts upwards. This makes them ideal for patios, walkways, and decks. Also, once you shut them, burglars will not get any access to your living space. Knowing your home is safe, you can lock your windows and head to work with improved peace of mind.

4. Easy To Clean

These windows are easy to clean when you have the right products. You only need to tilt the windows to wash both the exterior and interior. The task is even easier because you might not need ladders to reach the exterior. Remember that routine cleaning can ensure your glass looks great and lasts longer. Also, some designs come with removable sashes for easier washing. 

Double-hung windows come with the above perks. This makes them one of the most sought-after designs. Keep in mind that professional window installation services can ensure they look great and serve you well.